The Emotion Code: Healing Your Stresses

The Emotion Code book, by Dr. Bradley Nelson, deals with “Trapped Emotions.”

The Emotion Code is a method of finding and releasing Trapped Emotions (“Emotional Baggage”) which get trapped in our own lifetime (when in the womb or after our birth) or which may have been inherited from our ancestors, perhaps from several generations back.

Many doctors believe that 90+% of health issues are tied to stress. Dr. Bradley believes that stress is responsible for over 50% of pain. He writes (emphasis is mine): “I have seen hundreds of cases where acute physical pain instantly left the body upon the release of a trapped emotion” and “Every cancer patient I treated was found to have trapped emotions embedded in their malignant tissues.”

The body’s healing system (the immune system), organs and glands do not work normally when we are under the stress of Trapped Emotions.

According to Dr. Nelson, most people (about 93%) have a “Heart-Wall” made of Trapped Emotions, a protective barrier around the heart. The Heart-Wall is made of Trapped Emotions and collapses when those Trapped Emotions are released, often improving one’s peace, health and life.

Stresses stuck (trapped) in the body are most difficult to release by traditional medical methods. However, according to Dr. Nelson, Trapped Emotions can quickly and easily be removed, one at at time, with intention and a magnet, even with a common refrigerator magnet and, furthermore, he writes that no specific Trapped Emotion, once released, has ever returned.

My wife Dorothy and I have had The Emotion Code done on us by a practitioner. Dorothy’s Heart-Wall, consisting of about 35 Trapped Emotions, was eliminated in 3 sessions up to an hour each. Some were personal (some of those originated in the womb) and some were inherited (one went back 7 generations). Dorothy is now feeling much more at peace and relaxed, and has better color. The practitioner commented that Dorothy’s voice had gotten stronger. I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (in Central Time in USA) and I have released many more Trapped Emotions from Dorothy, from many other persons, and from animals. Feel free to contact me for more information

Of all the things we have tried to date (we have tried a number of more costly methods, some of which are detailed in my workshop notes from my workshop at the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit in Santa Fe, Ne Mexico in February, 2013), the clearing of Trapped Emotions using the Emotions Code seems to be the simplest, quickest and cheapest thing to release emotional distress – and – it is not necessary to discuss any Trapped Emotion. A practitioner can do this Trapped Emotion clearing with you by telephone (we did it that way) or in person. On any particular issue, it may take one or more sessions to clear Trapped Emotions outside the Heart Wall. Clearing the Heart Wall for a child may take 1 session and an adult will often require 3-6 sessions (mine took 2 sessions). The body only allows a limited number of emotions to be cleared in any session.

It is possible to release Trapped Emotions in yourself or for others using The Emotion Code, if you have learned to do “muscle testing,” which is explained in The Emotion Code book. The Emotion Code website is: (Some, not all, certified practitioners pay to be listed there).



John O’Dwyer  (I do phone or Skype sessions – just contact me for more information)
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