Notes from the Releasing Pain and Emotional Stress Workshop
(4 newer methods my wife and I have tried)

Presented by John O’Dwyer at the
Parkinson’s Recovery Summit (February 21-24, 2013)
in Santa Fe, New Mexico

[This information will differ somewhat from what was presented in Santa Fe,
primarily due to the time constraints of my 90 minute Santa Fe workshop]

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Introduction: Why are we here?

Workshop Outline
A. Stresses & Disease
B. Emotional Stress (origins, effects)
C. Lowering Stress
D. Releasing Stress & Trauma (4 methods)

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Introduction: Why are we here?

Why are you here? You know stress is bad but you may be at loss as to how to permanently eliminate it. You want to learn about the impact of emotional stress and trauma on pain and illness and, most certainly, you are open to learning about ways of permanently eliminating stress, trauma and “emotional baggage.”

Why am I here? I’m John O’Dwyer and am a long time health nut – since 1971 (40+ years) – when I tried some food supplements, felt better and began researching health. My wife, Dorothy, has had Parkinson’s Disease for about 6 years. As a result, I began investigating even more health modalities such as thermography, holistic dentistry, trauma releasing methods, and more. I am a former computer programmer whose hobby has always been learning about health.

Dorothy and I are some of the few people in the world who have experienced the 4 methods of permanently releasing stress that I will cover and have paid certified practitioners to employ all 4 methods on us. One of these methods (QNRT) is little known, with less that 25 practitioners in the world when we were doing that, so few people know about it.

As far as I know, I was the first person in my state to hold a certificate in EFT (I hold 2 of them) and, more recently, to be the first person in my state to receive a certificate in The Emotion Code. After hundreds of EFT sessions and more than a hundred Emotion Code sessions, I am quite familiar with the effects of these energy balancing methods. Since I am a caregiver and not doing these methods full time, you may not find me listed a practitioner on certain websites.

I am one of about 8 hosts for the Parkinson Recovery Sunday Connections which is a support, sharing and educational group for those affected by Parkinson’s Disease. “Sunday Connections” is available by telephone and Internet. More information is available at:

No doctor can heal you. You heal yourself by means of your immune system. Doctors can only help you get to a state where you can heal yourself and that is primarily done by getting your immune system working well.

Question: What is Health (in one word)?

There are a number of words that some have suggested to me: vitality, energy, freedom, capable, peace and love. I love BALANCE, but my personal favorite is OXYGEN. Without oxygen, we are facing brain damage or death in a few minutes. Stresses upset our balance and interfere with oxygen in any number of ways. Cancer, for example, is created when cells in the body do not have enough oxygen. Otto Warburg, M.D., received the Nobel Prize in 1931 for that and related discoveries. Dr. Warburg proved that oxygen kills cancer cells.

Sufficient oxygen is indicated by pH balance, meaning the body’s cells are generally alkaline on the inside of the body (the skin should be acidic), and that our cells are sufficiently negative in electrical voltage to function well. HEALTH=OXYGEN=BALANCE.

A. Stresses and Disease

Here are a few stressors that put the body out of balance, often leading to illness and pain:

(a) Toxic chemicals & metals (e.g., benzene, DDT, mercury, lead and aluminum)
Pesticides and herbicides have been linked to Parkinson’s Disease. One popular solution to toxins is chelation.

(b) Pathogens (parasites or living pests)  (e.g., bacteria, fungi and mold)
Lyme disease, lockjaw virus and tetanus often causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. One doctor, Dr. Robert Dowling, believes that every Parkinson’s Disease patient has a dental infection type of problem on the right side of the mouth. One solution to pathogens may be natural antibiotics. Another possible solution is the use of certain energy machines (e.g., Far InfraRed (FIR) machines) that may kill pathogens). Also, anything that provides more oxygen to the body is a solution, because oxygen kills pathogens and cancer cells.

(c) Nutritional & other imbalances (e.g., allergies, vitamin, mineral, hormone imbalances,
electrical imbalances and many more)
Sharry Edwards, of BioAcoustic fame, found out the GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) wheat was one of the causes of her Parkinson’s Disease
Janice Walton-Hadlock of the Parkinson’s Recovery Project discovered that foot problems lead to symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
TMJ jaw imbalances have also been associated with Parkinson’s Disease symptoms

Solutions to these imbalances include good food, energetic and alkaline water, supplements, frequency and energy treatments (e.g., via machine or acupuncture or energy exercises) and avoiding possible electrical problems such as electric blankets and keeping cell phones away from the body and especially away from the brain. Realigning the body can often be done with chiropractic care, craniosacral therapy, and acupuncture.

(d) Emotional stress and trauma
Dr. Hamer – more about him later – believes that every disease is triggered by some “shock” to the body (i.e., illness comes about after a stressful or traumatic event). Several solutions to releasing emotional stress and trauma will be discussed shortly.

Some of the above stresses manifest themselves in the mouth. There can be infections in teeth, gums and jawbones. Also, toxic dental materials are often placed in in the mouth. In addition, since the mouth is close to the brain, different metals in the mouth create a battery effect in the mouth and electricity from the mouth can affect the brain. A holistic or biologic dentist may be able to provide help. However, stress may also contribute to problems in the mouth and jaw.

We will now focus on learning about emotional stress and trauma.

B. Emotional Stress (origins, effects)

It is now believed that emotional stress and trauma is “behind” many conditions of pain and illness. Fortunately, although many doctors are unfamiliar with them, there exist a number of methods of permanently ridding the body of stresses and trauma.

Fight or Flight

When a bear is chasing us, we do into the so-called “fight or flight” mode (a term coined by Hans Selye, MD, known as the “Father of Stress”) in which the body adjusts itself so that we have the best chance of either fighting the bear or fleeing from it. Digestion stops as we don’t need to waste that energy as digestion uses more energy than almost anything else we do. The immune system stops since we don’t need to waste energy fighting germs that may not affect us for a few days. Our body pumps out adrenaline and we become super strong.

Unfortunately, this mode puts excessive stress on the body. If we go into this mode often, our immune system, what heals the body, is shut down much of the time.

We are like a car in “cruise control” whereby the car speeds up or slows down on its own. Our body has an Autonomic Nervous System, or automatic nervous system, that does the same thing. One branch is the Sympathetic Nervous System and that is what speeds us up and is like the accelerator of the car and is like putting out foot on the gas. The other branch is the Parasympathetic Nervous System and that is what slows us down and is like the brake of a car. The two modes should always be in balance. Remember what I said before: HEALTH=BALANCE=OXYGEN.

However, when we re-live emotional incidents, we can go back into the “fight or flight” mode, with our foot on the gas. This can happen occasionally or even most of the time. This is the destructive mode, or adrenaline mode. It was designed to save our life in an emergency, but we should not be in that mode all them time.

Origins of Emotional Stress

Emotional stresses can be recent, or go back to childhood, or even back to when we were in the womb. Like genes, emotions can be inherited from one of our parents of even through them from one of their ancestors.

But where do emotions come from? The ancient Chinese believed that emotions were created by various organs of the body. Certain organs have often been traditionally linked with certain emotions. Fear is linked with the kidneys or bladder, anger with the liver or gall bladder and grief with the lung or colon.

Let’s say we are on the highway and someone cuts in front of us and we may experience anger. If so, that emotion of anger may be then created by the liver. If we shrug off the incident or say a prayer for the person who is driving so badly, our anger may soon disappear. If we do not process the anger properly – and we do not get a manual at birth about how to do that – then that negative emotional energy of anger is usually stored, per Dr. Eric Robbins, in the smooth muscles of the body, perhaps in a knee or a hip or a lung or wherever. The location is often a part of the body that is weaker, perhaps due an injury. Each unprocessed emotion is stored in just one location.

It is curious that massage therapists report that, when doing the massage, emotions sometimes are activated in their clients when massaging the body. Emotions are energy and, when disturbed, the client may feel the emotion being “disturbed.”

Effects on Oxygen and the Immune System

Let’s say we have a bunch of emotions “stuck” or stored in a lung. That negative energy of our anger, or whatever the emotion was, now affects that lung. Too many emotional problems with the lung and we may have breathing or respiratory problems later in life. Emotional energy stuck in the heart may lead to heart problems later in life. Emotions often lead to pain and illness later in life, since emotional energy affects the tissues around them and, in fact, may affect other parts of the body since they are connected via fluids such as blood, and also by nerves, acupuncture meridians, etc.

In The Emotion Code book, Dr. Bradley Nelson tells a story of Dana Reeve, wife of Christopher Reeve (“Superman”) who was paralyzed and who eventually died. His wife, Dana, was obviously filled with grief. Ten months later she got lung cancer and died seven months later. Did grief in her lungs contribute to her cancer?

Emotions are energy and they do affect us because the emotional energy is stuck in cellular memory. When we re-live the emotion, perhaps when thinking of a past emotional incident or when triggered when a new related emotional incident occurs, then we are put into the “fight or flight” mode (foot on the “gas”) again. The body’s immune system, when under stress, is suppressed. The body’s organs and glands do not work normally when we are under emotional stress. When the body is out of balance due to this negative emotional energy stuck in the body, the result is often pain and/or disease. Since stress and trauma is stored in cellular memory, it is difficult to release by traditional medical methods.

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… by Karol Truman are two book sources clearly indicating the linkage between negative emotions and illness.

We often have a conflict between “head” and “heart.” The head represents the conscious and the heart the subconscious. When there is a conflict, the heart wins. Emotional stress stored in the body affects us at the subconscious level. Until it is eliminated, it will continue to affect our lives. Fortunately, there are many ways to both temporarily lower emotional stress (to put our foot on the “brake”) as well as to permanently release emotional stress and trauma.

C. Lowering Stress

First, let’s look at some ways to lower day-to-day stress. Many good methods exist, but they are usually of a temporary nature. For example, we may sleep, relax or exercise or do any of these things which slow us down (i.e., which put our foot on the “brake”):

(a) listen to calming music
(b) go on vacation to the beach or mountains
(c) meditate
(d) exercise such as walking
(e) do tai chi, qi gong or yoga or other “energy exercises”
(f) use energy machines (there are many energy machines that help the body and I am very familiar with several machines distributed by HTE since I am an HTE distributor.)

Lowering stress is wonderful but it does not, at least in the short run, permanently release the stress. It just relaxes us, and that is a short-term antidote to stress that may last minutes, hours or perhaps a day or longer.

I have already mentioned that stress deprives us of oxygen. Hemoglobin on our red blood cells carries oxygen to our cells. If our red blood cells are “clumped up” or “stacked,” it means that we are not carrying much oxygen because much of the hemoglobin is hidden and poorly oxygenated red blood cells attract each other instead of repelling each other. One HTE machine is called a Chi Machine. Blood tests have shown that it un-clumps the blood to a fair degree in 3 minutes and, in another 10 minutes, the red blood cells are widely separated and oxygenated. In terms of oxygenation, 15 minutes on a Chi Machine is equivalent to walking 10,000 paces or about 90 minutes. I often use the Chi Machine for 30 minutes, giving me the oxygen equivalent of walking for about 3 hours. I suspect that all of the methods of permanent stress release will do something similar to help our oxygen carrying capability.

In The Genie in your Genes, a book by Dawson Church, Ph.D., there are “before” and “after” photographs of red blood cells on page 229 which show that EFT (the first permanent stress reduction method that will be discussed) can un-clump red blood cells in 3 minutes if done with that specific intention.

D. Permanently Releasing Stress & Trauma (4 methods)

There are many methods of permanently releasing emotional stresses and trauma from the body. Here are 4 methods with which I am very familiar:

1 The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
2 Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT)
3 Healing Codes
4 The Emotion Code

I decided to select one word to describe each method:

The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT): SIMPLE
This is easy to do and I can tell someone how to do EFT in a few minutes. I once did EFT with a lady in a office and her headache was gone in about a minute. She then went down the hall, met someone else with a headache, did EFT on her, and her headache also disappeared. EFT can also be done completely mentally, which is convenient for those with tremors.

Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT): COMPREHENSIVE
This method uses electronic machines and many diverse methods to release trauma, “reset” the brain and heal the body. The practitioners seem to be well trained medical people and treat the whole body in many ways, including with computers, cold lasers, scalp massage, light therapy, sound therapy, detoxification and they provide nutritional support.

Healing Codes: GRADUAL
This method involves doing “energy exercises,” ideally 3 times a day, for maybe 5-10 days using a customized sequence of “healing codes” (ways of directing energy to areas of the face). After a time, the “bad energy” will gradually have dissipated. Healing Codes can also be done completely mentally, which is convenient for those with tremors.

The Emotion Code: SPECIFIC
This modality targets a specific issue such as “right knee pain.” Then a specific “trapped emotion” related to that issue is identified and released using a magnet. After that, another specific “trapped emotion” is identified and released until no more can be released in that session. For example, you might release the emotion of “anger,” then “fear”, then “heartache” and then the body, via “muscle testing” will determine that no more emotions can be released with regard to the right knee but it is possible that more can be released in a future session. Each emotion released is specifically contributing to right knee pain in some way or other.

Muscle Testing Introduction

Since the last 3 methods above (QNRT, Healing Codes and the Emotion Code) require muscle testing (it is optional in EFT and not used so much), here is a quick explanation of muscle testing. If you say your own name (e.g., “my name is John”) or something positive (e.g., “unconditional love”), your muscles will have a certain strength. If you then say a different name (e.g., “my name is Mary”) or something negative (e.g., “hatred”), then every muscle in your body will instantly become a little bit weaker due to the stress of saying something that is not true or positive. This is the principle behind the ”lie detector” test.
Furthermore, muscle testing may be used to tap into your subconscious mind and inner wisdom, and muscle testing is often used by naturopathic doctors for nutritional testing. For example, if something is bad for you (like rat poison), then you will muscle test weak for that when holding that in a container. If something is good for you, perhaps an organic vegetable, then you will test strong when holding that.

Lastly, it is possible for person A to tap into the subconscious wisdom of person B which, of course, should only be done with the permission of person B. This “long distance” muscle testing can be done at a distance and can be performed over the telephone.

As for muscle testing, there are dozens of ways to perform it on yourself or others. Some methods are described in The Emotion Code book by Dr. Bradley Nelson. This website (not connected with Dr. Nelson) has many muscle testing methods on it:

Now let’s examine 4 methods of permanently releasing emotional stress and trauma, none of which are designed to replace other medical treatments you are receiving. However, reducing stress may improve the immune system function and that may help any medical treatment you are receiving.

1 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

History of EFT

In the 1980s, an American specialist in anxiety disorders, Dr. Roger Callahan, was working with a lady who was deathly afraid of water. Even touching water caused her to panic.

After 1-2 years he had made little progress with her. One day she announced, for the first time, that her fear was in her stomach. Dr. Callahan, hoping to help her stomach, had her tap under one of her eyes on an acupuncture point known to be on the stomach acupuncture meridian.

To his utter amazement, the lady stated that her fear of water was gone and, to prove it, she ran outside to a swimming pool, splashed water on her face and was laughing. Dr. Callahan determined that her fear of water was permanently gone.

After that experience, Dr. Callahan developed what he called Thought Field Therapy (TFT). TFT involves tapping acupuncture points while thinking, for example, of a fear. TFT involved a complex protocol in which acupuncture points were tapped in complicated sequences.

Dr. Callahan began teaching TFT to others, one of whom was a engineer named Gary Craig. In 1993, Gary Craig developed the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a simpler “cousin” of TFT. EFT needs no special tapping algorithms or protocols.

Overview of EFT

Tapping a series of acupuncture points while thinking of a problem tends to reduce the severity of the problem. An EFT “setup statement” is used such as: “Even thought I have, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” If you have pain in your right elbow your setup statement might be: “Even thought I have some pain in my right elbow, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

That is repeated 3 times while tapping a certain point on the hand. After that, various acupuncture points are tapped, one at a time, while speaking a reminder phrase while tapping each point. For example, “right elbow pain” might be said while tapping each point.

EFT may be done by physically tapping the body or by tapping mentally (i.e., by visualizing the tapping in one’s mind). Mental tapping is ideal for those who have problems physically tapping the body (e.g., those with tremors or weak muscles).

Conditions Helped with EFT

Gary Craig, founder of EFT, says to “try it on everything.”

Gary and other EFT practitioners have used EFT to eliminate, or make better, minor aches and pains, insomnia, jet lag, fear of snakes, phobias, and well as serious diseases such as multiple sclerosis, addictions, traumas and PTSD. It has even been used to lower golf scores. As I have already mentioned, EFT can even change blood in 3 minutes or less, causing it to be able to carry more oxygen. The practitioner my wife used was successful in reversing multiple sclerosis using EFT.

Personal Stories

I once lowered my 97 year old mother’s upper blood pressure number by 45 points when I did EFT on her for 1 minute for high blood pressure. I had the blood pressure device on her wrist the whole time and simply pushed the button to take her blood pressure before doing EFT and I pushed it again after doing EFT for about 1 minute.

Another time, a friend in another state called me on the telephone in excruciating pain resulting from a fall. He tried to avoid falling on a shoulder that had been recently been operated on. In doing that, he twisted his torso and his pain level was “excruciating.” I told him what to say and where to tap. EFT gradually lowered his severity level in several minutes, leaving him pain free.

Before my Santa Fe workshop, I did EFT on a lady in another state with a “moving stress” level of 10++ (her guess on the 0-10 pain scale). One round of EFT lowered her stress level to 1.

***** Demonstration (for Jet Lag) *****
To do for Jet Lag, this is the setup statement “Even thought I have jet lag, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” The reminder phrase said for each point is: “jet lag.” When we travel, my wife and I do EFT for jet lag every few hours of travel and when we arrive. We usually do EFT in our minds.

Advantages: The technique is simple, no equipment is needed. Can be done by telephone. Tapping can be done mentally, so it can be done that way in a meeting or on an airplane.

Disadvantages: Tremendous skill is needed to handle difficult and complex situations and serious psychological situations involving serious diseases, depression and addictions. People with these conditions may want to seek out the best qualified EFT practitioner available for their condition.

Resources (EFT Websites):

Note: The first two contain videos and lots of EFT information) (Website of Gary Craig, founder of EFT) (EFT Website – can be used to find a certified EFT Practitioners) (EFT Practitioners – most can work by telephone)
2 Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT)

2 Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT)

Note: QNRT is based on the work of Dr. Hamer and his theories that he incorporated into German New Medicine (GNM). Dr. Hamer has not endorsed QNRT nor a number of other modalities that have attempted to advance his work.

Doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer was was both a medical doctor and cancer researcher in Germany. His son, in his early 20s, was shot and died a few months afterward. Dr. Hamer, who had always been very healthy, was diagnosed a few months after that with testicular cancer which, he believed, was triggered by the shock of his son’s death. He then examined the cancer patients he was following and determined that all of them had experienced a traumatic shock somewhat prior to the onset of their cancer.

German New Medicine

Dr. Hamer later determined that all diseases have an unexpected shock” as a trigger. Based on that, and the effects of shock on disease, he concluded that disease follows his “Five Biological Laws” which he incorporated into his German New Medicine®. His treatment for cancer and other diseases involves, among other things, healing the effects of the shock “behind” the illness. He differs from many other doctors in that he sees microbes (fungi, bacteria, etc.) as helpers which heal the body.

What is QNRT

QNRT (about 4 years old) identifies and heals various traumas and provides extensive support to the body in a variety of ways in order to detoxify the body, heal the immune system and brain and bring the body back into balance following an illness triggered by a “shock” to the system.

The QNRT website states:

“Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT) is a proprietary protocol designed to create a neuro-adaptive shift in the body by helping the brain recover from the stress caused by Adverse Emotional Experiences. QNRT focuses on those Adverse Emotional Experiences that have a direct link to physical concerns and unwanted behaviors. QNRT helps the brain become more balanced, less stressed and unburdened by negative life patterns that lead to physical concerns and high risk behaviors.”

A trained and Certified QNRT therapist can quickly determine which parts of the brain are out of balance and then work with the client to reset those nervous system pathways to experience and achieve optimum health.

John M. Turner, DC originally developed QNRT based on his practice experience and his research to resolve pain. Currently, QNRT has shown other benefits based on his clients’ clinical responses. QNRT can be a valuable complimentary program to standard treatments for pain, illness, addictions, learning disabilities, high risk social behaviors and relationship challenges.”

Scope of QNRT

When my wife Dorothy and I experienced QNRT, we were exposed to all of these and more: (1) several types of electronic computers which could measure energy in the body and in the chakras, (2) cold lasers, (3) light therapy (via colored glasses), (4) sound therapy (using Solfeggio and other tuning forks), (5) foot bath detoxification, (6) nutritional support, etc. QNRT also makes use of extensive “muscle testing” (as do Healing Codes and The Emotion Code).

Advantages: Attempts to heal on many levels, and many practitioners seem to be well trained medical people (our practitioner was trained as an MD and she had later studied more than a dozen other health modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic and craniosacral therapy).

Disadvantages: You need to be physically present with a QNRT practitioner. There are very few practitioners in the world.

Resources (Websites): (QNRT Website – some QNRT practitioners are listed there) (German New Medicine Website – ideas of Dr. Hamer)

3 Healing Codes

History: Depression and ALS

The wife of Dr. Alexander Loyd (author of The Healing Code book) was suffering from depression and was very distressed one day on the telephone as Dr. Loyd was getting onto an airplane. In the air, Dr. Loyd prayed for a cure. His prayers were answered and directions rushed into his mind as to what to do for his wife. When he returned home, his wife used what he now calls “Healing Codes” to rapidly cure her depression. “Healing Codes” involve saying some words, and pointing fingers at certain parts of the face (between eyes above eyebrows, Adam’s apple, jaw area and temples). After about 30 seconds, hands are moved to new positions.

Sometime later, using the exercises of Dr. Loyd, Ben Johnson, M.D. (co-author of The Healing Code book, written in 2010), found himself, in 3-4 months, cured of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a disease from which most die within 5 years. His miraculous recovery came about after using the energy methods of the primary author, Dr. Loyd, before they wrote the book together.

“Heart Issues” & Testing

A test to show where we stand on various issues of the heart (unforgiveness, harmful actions, unhealthy beliefs, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, trust, humility and self control) can be taken at:

Dr. Loyd tells us that 50% of people will state that they are not stressed. However, 90% of that seemingly “unstressed” group can be proven to be under stress using some expensive equipment. So, if there are 100 people, 95 people are actually stressed (50 who said they are stressed and 45 (90%) of the other 50 who claimed to be unstressed).

Unforgiveness and Cancer

Both Doctors Loyd and Johnson tie cancer and serious diseases to emotional stress, specifically to “unforgiveness.” Dr. Loys states in The Healing Code book:

“Unforgiveness is often betrayed by some form of anger or irritation or not wanting to be around a certain person. No matter what you call it, it can kill you.”

In his book, Dr. Loyd mentions that the Our Father prayer actually mentions forgiveness twice.

Types of Healing Codes: Generic and Custom Codes

Dr. Loyd has “one size fits all” generic “Healing Codes” in his book. He also sells a manual containing more specific Healing Codes for various conditions in the body. His practitioners can also supply customized Healing Codes for an individual with a particular problem. After using the Healing Codes for a period of time, perhaps a week, then the client would get new codes from the practitioner for another problem.

Advantages: Easy to do. The more “generic” codes in The Healing Code book or manual can be done yourself. You can also get customized Healing Codes from a practitioner by telephone. It is possible to do the finger pointing mentally (in your mind) if it is too hard to hold up your fingers near your face.

Disadvantages: Takes some time daily, ideally 3 times a day (40-60 min total/day), and you need a practitioner to provide you with customized “Healing Codes.”


Book: The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND with Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD (The Healing Codes main website) (Healing Codes Practitioners – most can
work by telephone)

4 The Emotion Code

Trapped Emotions

Dr. Bradley Nelson developed a method of finding and releasing specific “Trapped Emotions” (the name Dr. Nelson gives to emotions “stuck” in the body). He lays out his Emotion Code method, which many readers can do on their own, in his 2007 book titled The Emotion Code.

Trapped Emotions get trapped or stuck in the body in our own lifetime (when in the womb or after our birth) or they may be inherited from our ancestors, even from several generations back. The average person has about 350 Trapped Emotions. Trapped Emotions can be passed on to one, all or none of our children.

Many doctors believe that more than 90% of health issues are tied to emotional stress. Dr. Nelson believes that the stress of Trapped Emotions is responsible for over 50% of pain. In the book, he wrote: “I have seen hundreds of cases where acute physical pain instantly left the body upon the release of a trapped emotion.” He also wrote: “ Every cancer patient I treated was found to have trapped emotions embedded in their malignant tissues.”


Most people (about 93%) also have a “Heart-Wall” made of Trapped Emotions, a protective
barrier around the heart. The Heart-Wall is made of Trapped Emotions and collapses when
those Trapped Emotions are released, often improving one’s peace, health and life. Most other Trapped Emotions exist outside the Heart-Wall. Some, but not all, of our pain and discomfort can be tied to a Heart-Wall.

***** Muscle Testing Demonstration (Sway Test) *****
One method of muscle testing oneself is called the “sway test,” which is usually done standing, looking straight ahead, with the feet spread apart. If energy is flowing properly (e.g., most often this means you are properly hydrated) you will “sway” forward when stating a truthful response or something positive (e.g., “love”) and “sway” backwards when stating something that is not true or is negative (e.g., “hate”). The “sway test” is described in The Emotion Code book and it may be used to do the Emotion Code on yourself. Some people are better at it than others.

Emotion Code Session
Stresses stuck or trapped in the body are most difficult to release by traditional medical
methods. However, according to Dr. Nelson, Trapped Emotions can quickly and easily be identified with muscle testing, then removed, one at at time, with intention, using a magnet, even with a common refrigerator magnet, He states that no specific Trapped Emotion, once released, has ever returned.

For any particular issue, it may take one or more sessions to clear Trapped Emotions outside the Heart Wall. Clearing the Heart Wall for a child may take a few sessions and an adult will often require 4-6 sessions. The body only allows a limited number of emotions to be cleared in any given session.

A session for a specific issue (e.g. “right knee pain”) would consist of muscle testing oneself (or having someone else do it for you) to see if there is a Trapped Emotion that your body is willing to release that is contributing to your knee pain. If so, then that emotion is identified on a chart of 60 Trapped Emotions, then released with a magnet. After its release, you or your practitioner continue asking if there is another Trapped Emotion that can be released, then it is released. You continue with the process until either there are no more Trapped Emotions left for that issue or until the body has released all it can on that issue (more may be able to be released later on). Often other issues can then be dealt with in a session. There is a flowchart in the book which explains how to do a session and there is another flowchart for a Heart-Wall session.

“Processing” After an Emotion Code Session

After an Emotion Code session, you must adjust to the “surgical removal” of one or more “Trapped Emotions.” About 80% of the time, there will be no visible symptoms. About 20% of the time, usually for no more than 1-2 days, you may be more tired (common), feel out of sorts, have vivid dreams or experience emotional ups and downs. This is normal! Just drink lots of water, eat healthy food, get lots of rest and let your body heal itself.

***** Demonstration (for a pain issue) *****
[This was performed on a volunteer in Santa Fe with foot pain in one foot. About 3 Trapped Emotions were released and the volunteer’s foot pain decreased from 3 to 1, based on the pain/severity scale of 0-10, where 1 is the least pain and 10 is the most.]

Personal Stories

A friend with severe shoulder problems (severity level: 9 on the 0-10 pain scale), was undergoing physical therapy and was contemplating shoulder surgery. One Emotion Code session reduced his pain level to 0 (no pain). When he went to physical therapy a few days later he could do everything they requested, with no pain. Months later, he told me that his pain level had not exceeded a 1 since the one and only session we did together.

I did the Emotion Code on an aggressive small dog and it became very docile after one session.

Advantages: Can be done by telephone. It is possible to do yourself, provided you have learned to “muscle test” yourself.

Disadvantages: May be difficult to “muscle test” yourself if you have tremors or other physical disabilities.


Book: The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson (The Emotion Code and Body Code Website)

Note: Dr. Bradley Nelson also has developed another healing protocol called the “Body Code” which uses muscle testing not only to help release trapped emotions but also to find (and correct in a variety of ways) many other imbalances in the body. If you are interested in a practitioner for The Emotion Code or Body Code, go to (I am a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, but not a Body Code practitioner). The Body Code can also be done by telephone.

Emotion Code Sessions

If you desire an Emotions Code session with me, please Contact Me as I am a Certified Emotion Code practitioner with the most reasonable of rates and with flexible hours (evening and Saturday appointments available).

Feel free to  contact me for an Emotion Code session – or for any other reason – via this website (click on Contact at top right). I will be happy to reply and I can do Emotion Codes sessions provided you live on Planet Earth and you can communicate with me via phone or Skype. I will be happy to tell you, in a consultation at no charge, how I might assist you with your pain and/or emotional healing needs. Let me help you un-stress from pain and emotional trauma.

Blessings to you,
John (Feel free to Contact Me by Email)

P.S. I am not a doctor and nothing above should be taken as medical advice. You should consult with your doctor and health care professionals for all your medical needs.

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