Symptom-Free People Who Once Had Parkinson’s  Disease

Perhaps you have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and/or with parkinsonian symptoms. Your neurologist tells you, incorrectly, that Parkinson’s Disease is incurable and that the best you can hope for is to slow down its progression with medication. How can you make decisions when you only have one view (the incurable view) of the disease?

Your neurologist was taught in Medical School that Parkinson’s Disease is incurable. Should a person somehow end up symptom-free, most neurologists usually decide that is was simply a mis-diagnosis. Neurologists have difficulty believing that anyone can ever become symptom-free, and especially without drugs.

However, some individuals have beaten Parkinson’s Disease. For example, Dr. Janice Walton-Hadlock, Howard Shifke, Sharry Edwards, Bianca Molle, John Coleman and others have documented their successes in books and/or on websites. These individuals have NO SYMPTOMS day-to-day. MANY others have recovered from Parkinson’s Disease, but they often prefer not to talk about their recovery (a) because they do not want their employer to know they ever had Parkinson’s Disease or (b) due to other personal reasons.


Below is just a small sample of the many people who have beaten “incurable” Parkinson’s Disease. These individuals are free of symptoms today – and it is our understanding that they take no Parkinson’s medication today, even if they once did:


1,  Janice-Walton-Hadlock, an acupuncturist who has gotten a few dozen patients with Parkinson’s, including herself, free of all symptoms. In her 400+ page book, she details the 2 primary causes of Parkinson’s Disease.

Recovery From Parkinson's

Her recovery methods (+ two main causes of Parkinson’s) are detailed in her book Recovery from Parkinson’s and this is a description of her book on

What causes Parkinson’s and how to recover from it? The electrical influences that create all the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are eerily similar to those of “biological dissociation,” a rarely used by perfectly normal neurological state that occurs when a person has received a mortal wound, has excessive blood loss, is verging on death – or has decided that it is necessary or logical , in certain circumstances, to dissociate from emotions, to “play dead” rather than suffer pain or risk actual death. This neurological mode automatically inhibits dopamine release. This book shares experiences from fifteen years of working with people with Parkinson’s, many of whom have completely recovered. Understanding the “bio-schematics” shared by dissociation and Parkinson’s requires an introduction to basic Chinese medicine theory and high school physics – both explained fully in this book.

A similar book (400+ pages) is available for free PDF download from

Recovery from Parkinson’s (also see above description of book from explains the problem with those with Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Walton-Hadlock, an acupuncturist, found that her patients were in a state of “biological dissociation” in which the the energy (Qi or Chi) in the stomach acupuncture meridian was flowing backwards in all her clients with Parkinson’s Disease, due to a local foot problem or due to body-wide dissociation with or without a foot problem. Dissociation was not treated with acupuncture. Local dissociation was treated with Chinese “foot holding” or “foot massage” called ying tui na while body-wide dissociation usually required a mental shift away from a feeling of not being safe.  Here are some quotes from the hard cover book on pages 397 and 398:

Based on the approximately three hundred patients we’ve personally worked with who appeared to have been given a correct diagnosis, 100% have exhibited backwards-running channel Qi characteristic of dissociation. A whopping 95 percent have experience improvements in some of their Parkinson’s symptoms after receiving treatment for their foot injuries.

Of the total number of patients seen, about ten percent have completely, lastingly recovered.

Getting back to numbers, many, maybe another ten to twenty percent consider themselves “nearly recovered.”

Some of those now free of Parkinson’s symptoms, not all treated by Dr. Walton-Hadlock, are mentioned in the book by these names (probably not their real names):

1a. Gabriella – was not treated by Dr. Walton-Hadlock, but used her methods

1b. Lila

1c. Hannah

1d. Gertrude

1e. Viola


2. Howard Shifke, Florida, USA – he became symptom-free in less than 9 months, with no medication
His Website:
The following information is taken from his website Home Page:

Fighting Parkinson’s Drug Free presents a holistic approach to embracing the disease from a new perspective. Howard Shifke recovered from Parkinson’s Disease using a holistic approach to recovery that he designed. The approach is called his Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®. Howard fought Parkinson’s without medications, herbal supplements, herbal formulas or Ayurvedic remedies. His recipe for recovery is outlined in his Blog post dated January 5, 2011, and it is a combination of Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure, Soul, Mind, Body Medicine, Chanting, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Yin Tui Na, a vegetarian diet, and many meditation/affirmation/prayer techniques. Through trial and error, he was able to discover what worked and what did not, and he explains it in great detail in the Blog.
His blog mentioned above:

September 21, 2009, Howard’s internal tremors began.
November 5, 2009, Parkinson’s diagnosis by neurologist.
June 12, 2010, Howard became symptom free. (my note: Howard stopped his exercises at this point and does not do them anymore other than to demonstrate them to those he coaches)
August 5, 2010, Parkinson’s neurologist could not detect a single Parkinson’s symptom.
December 22, 2011, Parkinson’s neurologist states Howard does not have Parkinson’s anymore.
Today, Howard remains symptom free, Parkinson’s free.

These 4 people are also free of Parkinson’s Disease symptoms, using Howard Shifke’s Parkinson’s Recipe for Recovery®:

2a. Marie – she became symptom-free after following Howard Shifke’s “Recipe” for nearly a year.
Her story is here:

2b. Pratima (India) – she became symptom-free from Stage 4 Parkinson’s Disease and got off all her medications by following Howard Shifke’s “Recipe” for 9 months.
Her story is here:

2c. Betty M. – she became symptom-free after following Howard Shifke’s “Recipe” (and doing a few other things) for less than a month
Her story is here:

2d. Helen Gill (Australia) – she became symptom-free after following Howard Shifke’s “Recipe” for 4 years and 3 months.
Her story is here:

3. Sharry Edwards, Ohio, USA – she used her own “sound therapy” and other methods to find and correct her Parkinson’s Disease symptoms
Her Website:
Sharry also works with those with Parkinson’s and other diseases.

4. Biance Mollé, California, USA – she uses daily Qi Gong to remain free of symptoms

Her book is titled: Reboot & Rejoice: How I Healed from Parkinson’s Disease Using the Body/Mind Practice of Qigong: Regimen, Background, and Personal Reflections

Her Website:

Bianca does coaching for those with Parkinson’s Disease – see her website.

5. John Coleman, N.D., Australia – he recovered from Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease after 3-1/2 years

His book: Stop Parkin’ and Start Livin’: Reversing the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

His Video: John Coleman ND Recovers from Parkinson’s
His Parkinson’s Recovery page:


What is common to most or all of the people above? Whereas a handful of them may have had only foot problems causing local dissociation, I believe all of them had to change their thinking. Once one reduces stress and trauma and feels truly safe, the whole-body dissociation, if present, is corrected. This can happen instantly, but this is difficult to do for most individuals so it may take months or years before it finally happens. However, once dissociation has been corrected, the body must go through a process of recovery, involving recovery symptoms, which can last days, weeks or years. In the case of Dr. Janice Walon-Hadlock, her own recovery from Parkinson’s Disease lasted about half a year. She does not take on clients who have been on drugs for more than a few weeks as she feels they cannot easily recover. Her website has more information.

Also, only 12-30%, according to different researchers, really have true Parkinson’s Disease. Some of these numbers are based on autopsies of the brains of those diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Those without true Parkinson’s Disease just have been mis-diagnosed. Some people with parkinsonian symptoms have the lockjaw virus, some tetanus, some have been exposed to herbicides and pesticides, while some have dental  or other problems. But, they may or may not have true Parkinson’s Disease. How many of them all have dissociation, I cannot say.

Hopefully, the above will give hope to those with Parkinson’s Disease that others have recovered from this disease. Feel free to contact me via the contact button on this page if the above can be improved or if you know of others who have recovered from Parkinson’s Disease.

Blessings to all,


Author of 6 Life Changing Energy Healing Methods: How to Release Emotional Stress, Pain and Illness 
Note:  This book is mainly about health in general and how stress, including emotional stress, impacts us and makes most diseases worse. While this book in not specifically about Parkinson’s Disease, it does mention Parkinson’s Disease in a few places.

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