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Is Parkinson’s Disease incurable?

My name is John O’Dwyer, and my wife has had Parkinson’s Disease for a number of years. Conventional wisdom seems to be that Parkinson’s Disease is “incurable.”

If that is your opinion, then you may wish to read this: Parkinson’s Recovery Showcases What Helps People with Parkinson’s Disease Reverse Symptoms.

Since I am not a conventional person, my wife and I attended the 2012 Parkinson’s Recovery Summit held in June in Cincinnati, Ohio. Several of the workshop presenters gave hope to all the attendees and their families. You see, some of the presenters used to have Parkinson’s Disease symptoms, but no longer have them, so they are now considered more or less cured by their doctors. Other presenters with Parkinson’s Disease have reduced their tremors and other symptoms by a number of natural methods.

Attendees found the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit uplifting and wonderful. It put smiles on their faces and gave them hope. It was one of the most positive experiences of my life. Attendees found instant friends there.

The next Parkinson’s Recovery Summit will be held February 21-24, 2013 in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is open to all. Robert Rogers, PhD, started the first Parkinson’s Recovery Summit in 2011. Much more information about Parkinson’s Disease is available at his Parkinson’s Recovery website (http://www.parkinsonsrecovery.com).

I will be presenting a workshop at the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit in Santa Fe titled:
Releasing Pain and Emotional Stress (3 new methods).

Dr. Rogers also has a Radio Show which features many guests with unusual ideas about Parkinson’s Disease. On a recent Radio Show (aired Wednesday, October 17, 2012), I was interviewed by Dr. Rogers about The Emotion Code™, one of several topics to be covered in my workshop at the next Parkinson’s Recovery Summit in Santa Fe. During the first 10 minutes of that Radio Show, Dr. Rogers tells about the next Parkinson’s Recovery Summit. After that, he interviews me and then, after a break, we conduct a live, unrehearsed Emotion Code™ session.

Interviews with many Parkinson’s Recovery Summit presenters (past and future), and with other guests, can be found on various Radio Shows on the Parkinson’s Recovery website.

You are encouraged to get more information about the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit, including how to register, or share this information with your friends with Parkinson’s Disease.

After attending the Parkinson’s Recovery Summit, the answer to “Is Parkinson’s Disease incurable?” just might be different. Attendees know that recovery is possible!

Blessings to you,
Health is Wealth

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