There are many different kinds of energy imbalances or disturbances that may occur in the body.  As has already been mentioned (see Chi & Energy), Traditional Chinese Medicine sees most disease conditions as energy imbalances.  Western health practitioners have also identified many conditions in which energy is not in balance.  Several  of these conditions will be mentioned below:

Dental Energy Disturbances

The average mouth is full of teeth and many of those teeth are filled with metals, such as gold in crowns, silver and mercury in amalgams (fillings) and nickel and many other metals used in fillings and crowns.  Often root canals have metal posts inside them.

The mouth is essentially a battery.  When an electrolyte (a material capable of conducting electricity) comes in contact with a metal, a current is produced, as happens in a battery.  In the mouth, saliva is an electrolyte and many dental fillings
contain metals.   The result is an electric current that is believed to affect the brain and body.   Since the entire body is connected, especially by blood, nerves and energy paths, it is believed by many dentists that any extra electrical currents in the mouth could affect the entire body.

Below are some sites and books that promote “modern” dentistry in which the whole body is treated holistically.  These sites/books examine metals and excess (electrical) energy in the mouth, in addition to a variety of other health and dental topics:

Selection of On-Line Dental Resources

Book: Elements Of Danger – By Morton Walker, D.P.M.

Book: Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body – By Victor Zeines, D.D.S., M.S., F.A.G.D

Book: The Key to Ultimate Health – by Richard T. Hansen, D.M.D., FACAD & Ellen H. Brown, J.D.

Book: Whole-Body Dentistry – By Mark A. Breiner, DDS

Cell Phone Energy Disturbances

The amount of radiation that is absorbed into the head while using a cellular telephone is indicated by a value known as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).  Many factors affect this number, including the shielding of the phone, the type of antenna, the orientation of the antenna (parallel to head or pointing away from one’s head).  The values for the same model may differ between the American and European model, as different areas of the world have different standards.

Many cell phone users use shielding cases or “hands-free” systems whereby the phone can be put some distance away from one’s head.

For more information, this is an excellent SAR reference site:

SAR VALUES – The Facts and Figures on Cellular Phone Radiation

Values not found in their lists on their  link may often be found by searching the Internet using a search engine and entering the manufacturer and model and SAR as follows:
“Motorola V60C SAR” (without quotes) – just be aware that SAR values for the same model made in Europe, for example, may often have a higher or lower SAR value than the equivalent U.S. model.  The above link has some really nice highest and lowest SAR value lists in addition to their complete (not quite a complete list, but a good list) SAR lists for many common U.S. and European cell phones.  Standards vary throughout the world, so the same model phone may be shielded more, and be bulkier and/or weigh extra in certain countries as compared with others.

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