Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®)

EFT is a kind of “acupuncture without needles” technique, involving tapping of special acupuncture points in order to help balance the energy (Chi) in the body. It has been used to make impressive improvements in Personal Performance, Emotional Challenges, Fears, Physical Problems, Pain and Distress, often in minutes. EFT information is available at the official EFT Website (www.EFTuniverse.com).

My name is John O’Dwyer and I have assisting individuals to experience EFT through education and coaching. I hold an Advanced EFT Certificate and I believe I was the first person in my state to have any EFT Certificate, because an EFT-related website had to add my state in order to add me.

Like Gary Craig, founder of EFT, I am a religious person who enjoys coaching others in a way that may empower them to better balance their bodies’ energies, often leading to total or partial relief of stress or pain, in addition to helping mitigate various emotional, physical, and/or other problems. I have been using EFT for a number of years, and am a believer in the power of balanced energy within the body. I have been researching healthy living modalities for over 4 decades, and have done tai chi for many years.

EFT is a part of my personal life


(1) when Hurricane Katrina flooded our home and destroyed exterior and interior walls (see photo of myself in front of damaged house), I did EFT a few times in the aftermath of Katrina and have never thought about Katrina

ETF improves Fears, Physical Problems, Pain and Distress, and more.

with emotion since; (2) in traveling abroad and around the U.S., I do EFT to completely eliminate jet lag; (3) I have used EFT for occasional emotional, stress, pain, discomfort, and/or other issues for myself, my wife, 97 year old mother, and for many others. EFT may well allow you to eliminate the distress and trauma of “negative” emotions that may be associated with fears, phobias, stress, anxiety, trauma, pain, physical discomfort, as well as with sub-optimal learning or sports performance.

Note: Emotional Freedom Techniques and EFT are registered trademarks of Gary Craig, the retired founder of EFT. For additional EFT information, check out Gary Craig’s Website.

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