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The Sun Ancon Chi Machine, distributed by Hsin Ten Enterprises (HTE), is a class 1 medical device in the United States, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also a medical device in Canada and Japan. In Japan, it is used in some hospitals.

HTE also distributes other energy machines.

Chi Choices, LLC (Distributor ID A180335) is a distributor of HTE energy machines. Information is found at this page:

Links for various machines are located at the right side of the above page.

My best testimonial is my mom, age 101, who uses a Chi Machine and the Far infrared HotHouse machine regularly.

My energy machine website with Chi Machine information and videos is being redone by HTE, an action over which I have no control. Whenever my HTE site becomes available, the link will be placed on this page.

Meanwhile, we are making these other sources of Chi/Energy Machine information available to you:

  1. Our Amazon Kindle book (published in December, 2016) contains an entire chapter on the Chi Machine. The title of this book is: 6 LIFE CHANGING ENERGY HEALING METHODS: How to Release Emotional Stress, Pain and Illness by John O’Dwyer
  2. Contact us for additional information
  3. A Chi Machine (or other energy machine) can be ordered worldwide from HTE, giving them Chi Choices, LLC as the Distributor Name and A180335 as the Distributor ID. HTE can be contacted in the United States at either of these offices:

Los Angeles Office:  800 – 291 – 6088

New York Office: 631 – 454 – 1600

Thanks for your interest in the amazing Chi Machine and other energy machines.


John O'Dwyer
Author of:
How to Release Emotional Stress, Pain and Illness
Book video (2 min) and book info here:

Contact us for additional information

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